Jun 26, 2015 | Philip Whitt | 0 Comments
There comes a time when every apartment management company asks "how can I make my community stand out".

Well, if you are considering hiring that one guy who does those “ 360 tours ” where you can only look left and right until you feel sick, maybe you should... Wait, is that even a real virtual tour? The answer is NO ! I’m looking at you rent . com!

This is what we like to call a glorified slide show. But… its 360 right? It is actually a flat panoramic image that allows you to go in endless loops. You are not able to look all the way up or all the way down :(

A real 360x360 tour allows the user the view the entire 360x360 spherical virtual space that they are in. The online interface also warps the image to emulate the experience of actually standing in that location :)

If you are the one that hired "that one guy" , I have a solution to your problem. We happen to be very good at creating amazing 360 tours for apartments. Our portfolio shows a few examples of forward thinking companies that use our services.

If you have a multi-housing community in Austin give us a call. We will be happy to talk with you and figure out how we can address your needs and provide you with a Real virtual tour. We will even do a no obligation free sample virtual tour of your community.