Jun 29, 2015 | Jeff Brady | 0 Comments
So its time to find a new apartment. First step check Craigslist !!  "Oh I like this price ! "  "What is this place called ?.. wait WHY DOES IT NOT SAY THE APARTMENT NAME !!!"

So what is really going on, why do they not list the names of the apartments?

These ads are put here by apartment locators. They don't list the name because they want you to contact them. Once you contact them they will insist that they either show up to the apartment with you or that you write their name on the referral section of the lease. 

It is important to understand that the apartment locator has only one goal and that is to get their name on your lease. If they put their name on your lease then the apartment will pay them several hundred dollars in most cases. Nobody works for free right.

I am going to teach you a very easy and quick trick to find the name of the apartment with only the image. Reverse Google image search. This is a very handy tool! 

1) First- Find the image of the apartment and drag it onto your desktop or save the image.

2) Go to google images.

3) Once you get there click on the small camera icon on the right side of the search bar.

4) It will give you the option to paste the image URL or upload the image. You want to click upload image.

5) Now just simply click choose file and upload the image. Done !

Google will automatically locate this image and all other similar images. Now just click on the matching image below and you will most likely land on a web page containing the name of the apartment. Then just call the apartment and ask about their availability.